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š™‚š™”š™žš™¢š™„š™Øš™šš™Ø š™¤š™› š™©š™¤š™™š™–š™®'š™Ø (31-05-2024) š™¬š™šš™šš™ š™”š™® š™š™§š™žš™™š™–š™® š™–š™˜š™©š™žš™«š™žš™©š™žš™šš™Ø.

š™²šš•ššŠššœššœššŽššœ š™øšš—ššŸšš˜šš•ššŸššŽšš (9šššš‘ to 12šššš‘) šš’šš— š™²ššŽšš—šššš›ššŠšš• š™²šš˜ššžšš›šššš¢ššŠšš›šš. 

šŸ‘‰ Inter- House Badminton Competition (Girls- Doubles) 

Ist Match: Hamdan House Vs Iqbal House

Iqbal House won the match. 

2nd Match: Kalam House Vs Gandhi House

Kalam House won the match

šŸ‘‰ Inter- House Badminton Competition (Boys- Doubles) 

Ist Match: Gandhi House Vs Iqbal House

Gandhi House won the match

2nd Match:  Kalam House Vs Hamdan House

Kalam House won the match

šŸ‘‰ Inter- House Badminton Competition (Boys- Singles) 

Ist Match: Kalam House Vs Iqbal House

Kalam House won the match

2nd Match: Iqbal House Vs Hamdan House

Hamdan House won the match. 

šŸ‘‰ š™š™š™š š˜æš™šš™„š™–š™§š™©š™¢š™šš™£š™© š™¤š™› š™ˆš™Ŗš™Øš™žš™˜ & š˜æš™–š™£š™˜š™š š™˜š™¤š™£š™™š™Ŗš™˜š™©š™šš™™ š™«š™–š™§š™žš™¤š™Ŗš™Ø š™˜š™Ŗš™”š™©š™Ŗš™§š™–š™” š™–š™˜š™©š™žš™«š™žš™©š™žš™šš™Ø š™¬š™š™žš™˜š™ š™žš™£š™˜š™”š™Ŗš™™š™šš™Ø: 

- š™’š™šš™Øš™©š™šš™§š™£ š˜¾š™¤š™£š™©š™šš™¢š™„š™¤š™§š™–š™§š™® š˜æš™–š™£š™˜š™š

- š™†š™–š™©š™š™–š™  š˜¾š™”š™–š™Øš™Øš™žš™˜š™–š™” š˜æš™–š™£š™˜š™š

- Act š™¤š™£ š™©š™š™š š™§š™¤š™”š™š š™¤š™› š™ˆš™¤š™©š™š™šš™§

 š™š™¤š™§ š™˜š™”š™–š™Øš™Øš™šš™Ø 5š™©š™ š™©š™¤ 8tš™:

 šŸ‘‰ Art & Craft activities for class 5th. The activities were conducted in their respective classes. 

šŸ‘‰ Inter-House poster making competition for classes 6th & 7th. 

 Theme: World No Tobacco Day 

 The results for the same are awaited.

šŸ‘‰ š™øšš—šššš˜šš˜šš› š™¶ššŠšš–ššŽššœ šššš˜šš› ššŠšš•šš• ššœššŽššŒšššš’šš˜šš—ššœ šš˜šš ššŒšš•ššŠššœššœ 8šššš‘.