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Annual community service

DPS Baramulla's annual community service made a positive impact today with a thorough cleanliness drive in key areas of Baramulla's market in collaboration with Municipal Council Baramulla. The cleanliness drive was led jointly by Worthy Principal DPS Baramulla and officials from MC Baramulla & Baramulla Police. Areas like Main Chowk, Tehsil Chowk, Cement Bridge Road, Old Hospital Road, Tehsil Premises, Roads near Tehsil Premises, and the Vegetable Market all received attention during this commendable initiative. Such efforts contribute significantly to community well-being and environmental health. The proactive engagement of DPS Baramulla in the cleanliness drive reflects a strong commitment to civic responsibility. By targeting diverse areas within the market, the school not only enhances the visual appeal but also promotes a healthier living environment for the community. This hands-on approach to community service instills a sense of pride and responsibility among students, fostering a culture of active participation in local betterment initiatives. Kudos to DPS Baramulla for their impactful contribution to the community's cleanliness and well-being.

Beyond the immediate benefits of a cleaner environment, DPS Baramulla's annual community service underscores the importance of instilling values of social responsibility in the younger generation. Such initiatives serve as a powerful reminder that education goes beyond textbooks, shaping well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. The ripple effects of these efforts extend beyond the cleaned streets, leaving a lasting impact on the collective consciousness of the community.

DPS Baramulla expresses its deep gratitude to Municipal Council Baramulla, Baramulla Police, and other allied departments for their collaboration and coordination for the success of the community services program. Collaborative effort between DPS Baramulla and Municipal Council Baramulla strengthen the impact of initiatives like cleanliness drives. The support provided by MC Baramulla not only facilitated smoother execution but also exemplified the synergy for working towards a common goal – the betterment of the community.